Hello and Welcome!

If you've been thinking about addressing your mental health and/or sport psychology needs, I'm glad you've found your way here. My name is Renee and I am a licensed psychologist with a PhD in Counseling Psychology. I started my private practice in Columbia in 2010 to help people, perhaps like yourself, who want to improve their quality of life. I provide therapy services for a range of mental health concerns, such as:

  1. Mood disorders (anxiety and depression),
  2. Eating disorders and body image concerns,
  3. Emotional trauma, grief, and loss,
  4. Difficulty adjusting to major transitions,
  5. Challenges related to identity and cultural issues,
  6. And many other concerns that lead to dissatisfaction in life.

In addition, I have specialized training and background in sport and performance psychology and work extensively with athletes, teams, and coaches who want to have a positive sport experience and improve their performance outcomes. I like to call this Driven Sport & Performance Psychology.


Have concerns that don't seem to be getting better on their own?

You're not alone. Many people experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives. Perhaps because of difficult events from the past, new transitions that are overwhelming, and often for no clear reason at all.

Typically, people attempt to resolve these issues on their own or just try to live with them despite feeling pretty miserable. Those close to you may give advice like "just cheer up" or "you should relax, there's nothing to worry about." Unfortunately, trying to ignore genuine mental health problems doesn't often work and may actually make things worse.

If you've been thinking seeking therapy to address your concerns, I commend you. I know this can be a such a difficult decision to consider. And I know that people can - with the right help, support network, and time - get better. I've had the honor of working with so many wonderful individuals who have managed to move beyond suffering to living a life that they truly value and are able to enjoy. I know that all of us are worth the effort and hard work it can take to get better.

Yep, even if some part of your brain might disagree with that philosophy and you're generally feeling pretty hopeless - you are worth the investment.

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